What People are SAYING:

"Thank You so much for your humour and patience during our dance lesson with you.  We remembered to breathe and relax and do all the right steps during our first dance-a slow rumba to "Somebody" by Depeche Mode.  We enjoyed dancing most of the night, and you made us fell comfortable and confident to "strut our stuff" on our wedding day! Love," - Amanda and Peter Maloney
Marla, I just wanted to thank you for bringing yoga into my life-it has completely changed me.  Your lessons is like no other I have ever been to.  I am looking forward to being a member of your upcoming NEW studio.  If anyone can do it you can.  Sincerely, - Nat
"To Marla, You are a very good dancer!!  You are also very nice and pretty.  you also teach my parents how to dance very good.  You are the BEST dancer I have EVER MET.  I wish you came 2 times a week.  Love," - Marissa Nassar
"Marla, we wanted to say thank you so much for all your help in making us good dancers. Our Wedding dance is everything we hoped for. Sincerely," - Jo-Lynn
"Marla, I have taken classes in a number of schools.  I have always liked dancing...but...NOW I LOVE it!!  Why?  Because there is so much fun coming to your Liberty Street place.  You provided a very special atmosphere where one learns while playing.
Yes, Fun is so contagious that there are more and more students coming almost every day.  Your program is easy but precise and , what is very important, it makes them shy away from shyness, learn that until now unknown partners are human after all.  United in their passion for dance, they can see the rapid progress they are making.  As a matter of fact, I have a very distinct feeling that a beginner can go out and dance in a club after already one lesson he or she can easily pick up the necessary moves here." - Mathew Syrokomla